SEO Traffic Estimator Tool:

Want to get an idea how much traffic you could be getting if you were ranking for your target terms? Or how much extra traffic you could be getting if you improve your rankings for your target terms? We use this tool all the time to help create specific goals with clients, after all - ranking well is great, but how much traffic will it bring you, and how many leads and sales?

The tool below will help you predict the traffic you can drive to your website off the back of increasing your rankings and help you decide whether a real investment in SEO will give you the returns you need.

How to Use:

1.Enter the amount of keywords you want to test.

2.Add your target keywords to each line, along with it's relevant search volume in your target area (from Google Keyword Planner)

3.Choose the mode you want to predict traffic. You can either predict how much traffic you will get when ranking X for your terms, or you can enter your current ranking as well and predict how much extra traffic you will get when improving rankings by X.

4.Enter in the amount you think you can improve each keyword by OR enter your desired ranking position for each term.

5.That's it. Now you know the fruits that your hard work will bear.

Choose your traffic projection mode:

How much extra traffic will I get if I improve my rankings by X?
How much total traffic will I get when ranking X for my terms?
No. keywords to test:
S.R. Keyword Monthly Search volume Current Rank
Improve position by
Projected Traffic
Total estimated traffic
Total projected traffic