Technical SEO/Digital specialist

This role is an exciting opportunity for a gun technical SEO & digital marketing specialist with an analytical mind.

About you:

  • 5+ years experience in SEO
  • You love problem solving
  • You love doing SEO audits and finding everything that needs to be fixed
  • Very familiar with platforms & software like Screaming frog, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, AHREFS
  • You’re good at setting up advanced tracking for campaigns
  • You don’t mind doing a bit of coding and implementing the fixes you find
  • Plenty of experience with WordPress
  • You may not love the visual and emotional side of marketing as much, but that’s OK you don’t need to
  • You always read/listen to what the SEO community is saying, and are always up to date with the latest happenings, but you’re not afraid to do your own tests and form your own opinion – not blindly follow SEO gurus
  • Potentially you’ve spent some time using your analytical mind for other aspects of digital marketing as well, like Google Ads and Facebook ads.

About us:

  • Boutique (AKA small) agency, focused on the tangible impact our work can have on clients lives when done well, rather than digital marketing fluff
  • Focused on the efficiency of what we do. Not every action/strategy has the same impact towards the end goal. There are lots of things that would be ‘nice’ to do, but what is going to have the biggest impact on the end goal for a client with limited budgets or in a scenario where we’re paid on the result, not the hours spent.
  • Flexibility is an important aspect to happiness – where you work, when you work, how you work are all less important than the end result of the work. If you need flexibility almost everything is on the table as negotiable.
  • Good people 🙂

Application process:

Stage 1:

Send an email to with the subject line ‘Application for technical SEO specialist role’

If you have a CV then attach it, otherwise just describe your experience, and answer the below questions:

  1. Name a specific strategy you think is having more of an impact than it used to in SEO, and will continue to do so in the future. (HINT* Don’t say something broad like good content, get specific)
  2. List a couple examples of sites you’ve been working on, current rankings for those sites, and work that has impacted it
  3. What other technical/analytical things do you dabble in? Maybe a hobby or side hustle?

Stage 2:

I’ll pick several candidates to send a small SEO audit (Not client related work)

Stage 3:

I’ll meet (or Zoom) with 2-3 canditates and choose one for the job

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