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Efficiency & speed are two things that are crucial for any startup to make the most of limited finances against competitors with more money and to cement a spot as a leader before competitors do. It's a winner takes all game, and the right strategy and the right partners are key to making the hustle payoff in the longrun.


Digital for Start-Ups

There are generally two criteria start-ups need to nail for digital marketing success, your offering and positioning.

While the implementation of digital marketing is often clear a businesses offer and being able to position it clearly against competitors is not. In a world where someone who reads an article about home loans and then sees 15 different home loan ads on Facebook because they have been identified as a user “interested in home loans” means it’s not just being seen that gets results, it’s being seen to be different.

The strategy behind the offer and how to position it against established competitors is where we help businesses most.

How we work with start-ups

We are prepared to help start-ups develop their offering and positioning for the digital space or, if that’s clear and we can see how to generate a high ROI immediately we can also work within a pay per performance model ie. revenue share or an incentivised management fee structure.

Darren from Strat Prop has to say:

“I’ve spent thousands on digital marketing and never got a lead.

Someone has just turned the tap on, it’s crazy!”


Who does this suit?

In our opinion, this process suits everyone who wants to grow quickly. Growing slowly via word of mouth and referral partners is the foundation of many businesses and can deliver the scale required for the initial years of a business but to scale quickly requires a much different approach.

It requires using paid traffic to go out to a “cold market” ie. not referrals from friends but people who have never heard of you before and will be using your website, reviews and marketing to make their decision to buy from you or your competitors online.

It’s a very different approach and one where you have to recognise that you need to stand out better if you want to scale.

Anyone wanting to grow via paying for marketing, rather than relying on referrals and word of mouth, should first take a second to consider how they fit into the market or the costs of learning on the fly can be quite expensive.

Pay-Per-Performance Marketing

Being a pay-per-performance digital agency it’s vital that we understand the scaling potential for any business we work with. We can’t afford to make mistakes when we only make money when our clients do, so we do a lot of market research on the positioning and offering of a business we’re going to work with to ensure neither party loses money.

We can help you work through this and provide a digital strategy that reduces the risk of a poor result. It starts with a simple phone call.

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