We optimise for users, not algorithms

We know there’s no value in ranking for keywords that your customers aren’t searching. That’s why we build our SEO campaigns around users.

We’re a boutique SEO agency based in Melbourne who have our clients best interests at heart.  We aim to provide our clients with a steady stream of leads to multiply their successes.

We help you grow your brand rather than gaming the algorithms or chasing vanity metrics.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Delivering a consistent flow of traffic, ready to take action

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key component to any successful online strategy and delivers a consistent flow of traffic, leads, and customers for your business.

This is traffic that converts. The visitors we're attracting are actively searching for your product or service and are ready to take action.

An SEO agency optimising for now and for the future

Google will never stop changing the finer points of how they decide who to rank in search results.

But the one thing that will always remain consistent in their approach is this: they will always try to serve the user the best results for their query.

That is why we take a long term approach to SEO. Instead of looking at surface level tactics, that always change – we look a little deeper, spending our time and effort focusing on the user, adding value and being useful. As an SEO company we know this is where Google is heading, and our clients are consistently being rewarded as Google continues to improve.

Honesty & transparency

In the SEO industry there are more than a few snake oil salesman. We pride ourselves on being extremely honest and transparent in our service, which can be a refreshing change for those who have dealt with SEO agencies before.

As much as some try to pretend it is, SEO isn’t a magical secret sauce that only a select few can understand. We aim to clearly explain all the work we are doing, why it needs to be done, and what results we expect.

In fact, your input and assistance is crucial in achieving the ultimate results. When we understand the areas of your business that matter most is when we can really start delivering the highest value.

Long term ROI, in any industry

Search isn’t going anywhere. In almost every industry, the buying process for most customers begins with searching online.

If your website ranks well for the terms that matter, your business will thrive on a consistent stream of traffic that is ready to convert. And the long term ROI of SEO usually beats most other channels, because, once you’ve earned your rankings, the clicks are free.

Because of the advanced SEO & Content Marketing strategies we can implement, we’re confident in being able to rank in any niche, no matter how competitive. Given the right budget, we’re up for the challenge.

How we can help

Here are a variety of ways in which we can help you to improve your search engine optimisation performance…

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a crucial component to ranking well, it’s about optimising your website (and server) to help search engine spiders (like Googlebot!) crawl and index your site more efficiently and effectively.

Our SEO specialists in Melbourne will go through your site with a fine comb; looking to make any adjustments to make a technically sound site. From robots.txt, to XML sitemaps, to duplicate content, to making your website load more quickly and be mobile-friendly, we’ll help fine-tune your site to perform like a well-oiled machine.

Adjusting the site and navigational structure, including schema markup, redirecting old pages, and removing “thin” content can be like pruning a plant… allowing the plant (or website) to grow onwards and upwards.

Digital PR

If you want your website to rank well in the search engines you’ll need links and citations. If you’re looking to grow your brand online, you’ll need some digital public relations… At Multiply Digital we focus on acquiring authoritative links and mentions from high quality and relevant websites in your niche. We’re interested in building links to drive referral traffic and increase your site’s authority.

If you’re in a competitive industry or you’re a new business, we’ll look to use various strategies to naturally promote your brand, from creating new linkable assets, to manual outreach, to analysing any pre-existing relationships you may have in your industry.

Our link building process for our clients is quite conservative and ‘slow and steady wins the race’, but with a few high quality citations, we aim to not only improve your rankings, but also deliver you more targeted traffic.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business we can help you achieve more leads and prospects from Google, Bing and Yahoo in your local area.

According to hubspot.com almost half (46%) of Google searches have a local search intent.

In the past we’ve helped a lot of locally-based business claim and optimize their Google My Business listings, and get in the top 3 maps listings often shown at the top of the page for locality based searches. All the while making it easier for local customers to find them online. From Telephone numbers, to opening hours, and even third-party citations and ratings from customers, we will do our best to help local people find your local business online.

Keyword Research

How many times do potential customers search for your product, service, or niche in search engines every month?

At Multiply Digital we try to find and research actual search terms that your prospective customers and clients enter into search engines. We brainstorm various terms related to your business and see how many people actually search for those terms. From “short-tail” broad informational searches to “long-tail” transactional searches with buyer intent. Armed with this knowledge we can outline a strategy to help you rank for those keywords and put your business in front of these prospects.

Not only that, but good keyword research can also help inform and guide you of future content or marketing strategies.

Content marketing for SEO

It’s much easier to get high quality links and social shares when you have some awesome piece of content that is easily shareable, educational, entertaining, or insightful… something that helps your readers and target market.

Our advice is instead of regularly publishing content for the sake of it, try to create an epic article, infographic, or video that is both relevant and valuable to your visitors and other webmasters.

Something remarkable, as in people would literally want to remark upon it… and publish content based on quality, rather than on frequency.

Content marketing this way helps create an asset that will attract links, social media shares, and leads for the long term.

Website Audits

Need a second opinion on how your website is performing in the search engine results pages?

We can take a good look at your site from an SEO perspective; auditing your code and site structure, checking your backlink profile, examining existing content and current rankings… anything that could be of hindrance to your SEO performance. We check for big issues and can often uncover easy‐to‐fix on‐site problems.

We can give you a clear, prioritised and actionable list of recommendations to help improve your rankings. We can edit the site ourselves, or work in tandem with your existing web designer to make changes.

Sometimes these small fixes can result in “big wins” in the short to medium term.

Competitor Research & Analysis

By analysing where your competitors are strong and weak, we can work out how difficult it will be to outrank them, and the time and amount of resources that it might take to beat them.

By doing this research our goal is to get insights into the SEO strategies that are working for the top sites in your niche so you can also adopt them, improve on them, or gain an edge over them.

At Multiply Digital we’ll help identify your top competitors in the search engine results pages, we’ll discover why they might be outranking you, and we’ll explore ways to possibly outrank them.

When undertaking competitor analysis we can find out what your competitors are doing well, find any strategic advantages, and possibly uncover link opportunities.

Algorithm Change or Penalty Recoveries

Has your organic traffic and rankings suddenly dropped?

Perhaps there has been a major algorithmic change and you need to fix a few things to recover? Maybe you’ve unintentionally violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and received a manual penalty? Are your key pages no longer appearing in the search engine results pages?

The consequences of a drop in rankings can be quite disastrous for business owners: a loss of traffic, visibility, and revenue.

At Multiply Digital, our team of SEO specialists can go through your site and give you actionable advice to try to help you recover from a manual penalty or a major search engine algorithm change. Sometimes the process takes time, but often making significant changes to your site can leave you with better rankings than what you had previously.

Online Reputation Management

If people were to search for your business’ name or brand on Google right now, would they find positive, negative, or neutral information?
While we can’t “remove” the bad press from the internet, we can try to promote more positive mentions of your brand above it. In effect, bumping any negative mentions of your business off the first page of Google, and on to the second page (where less people will see it).

While Online Reputation Management (or ORM) isn’t one of our main services, we can have a chat about how to improve the situation in the most sensible way.

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Customer Behaviour

Who is your target audience and how do they behave online? What are their pain points and what are their motivations? What terms are they searching for and how can we start to develop a strategic plan to get your website in front of them during the different stages of their buying cycle?



With a full on-page and off-page audit, we’ll discover what your weaknesses are and where your strengths lie. What is going to have the biggest impact for our initial focus?



This is where we develop a clear plan of attack for our campaign. What new pages are going to need to be created? What content needs to be developed and how are we going to improve the customer experience with your brand online?



Now it’s time to get things done. Developing the strategy is important to make sure we’re working on the right things – but now it’s time to get our hands dirty. With extreme hustle, we work tirelessly implementing our strategic plans, and this is when results start to flow in.



Data is important, but turning data into decisions is more important. What has worked, and what hasn’t? Where should we focus our efforts next to ensure constant improvement.

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