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The revenue share program is a full-on, intensive, holistic campaign. We become your entire marketing team, we help fund campaigns if required, and we work together to help drastically scale your business.


Revenue Share Marketing

Joint ventures and revenue share campaigns

Our revenue share program is reserved for businesses that are unique, scalable, and have big growth plans for the future. It’s far more like a joint venture than using a digital marketing agency. This program is a huge benefit to your cash flow and your risk of marketing failing, as you're being paid by customers before you pay us our %.

Am I your new 'Fractional head of marketing'?

I come at a fraction of the cost of a full-time head of marketing or marketing manager, but I'm completely invested and incentivised to help you scale.

I will never manage more than 4 brands at a time, and I will manage:
> Brand strategy
> Positioning & market research strategy
> Product/Service Offering strategy (pricing, inclusions, guarantees, reason to respond now, bonuses etc)
> Marketing mix - which channels to invest in and how much to allocate to each
> Project manage specialists whether in-house at Multiply or external 3rd parties
> Reporting & forecasting

Plus, if we're entering a revenue share agreement, we will also help fund campaigns.

If you're ready to scale, ready to move beyond doing everything yourself or using agencies and being the only person truly responsible for the result, but you're not ready to hire a team full-time - this is perfect for you.

Conrad Glissmann-Gough

Conrad has had both microscopic and 10,000 foot views of just about every kind of digital campaign, strategy and client goal at Multiply for the last 4 years.

10 years in marketing most commonly with SMBs, NFPs, B2Bs, allied health, and services. Conrad has endless respect and energy for any business owner genuinely trying to improve their customers’ lives.

Puns and dad jokes are hardcoded into Conrad’s being, medical science has no cure. Without constant creation and nerdiness he will quickly get restless, and regularly creates his own comics, music, board games, D&D campaigns, and of course homebrewing.

Marc Goodwin

Marc’s story and values are the ‘why’ for the DNA and beliefs behind Multiply and its performance based and revenue share offerings.

Over 10 years’ experience running search marketing campaigns for a wide range of industries at both small business and enterprise level.

Marc’s field of excellence is helping people to understand their positioning in the market, and to come up with ideas for a better offering that will help set up the success for better campaigns.

Marc lives on the Victorian surf coast, and loves all things outdoors including surf, snow and mountains and gets his drive for performance from a lifetime in competitive basketball.

Sharon Gibbons

With over 15 years of marketing under her belt, split between agency and brand, Sharon has quite possibly seen it all. A strategic thinker who holds relationships and mutual trust in high regard, she follows through to the final detail, always with the utmost respect for brand integrity.

Sharon has been responsible for leading high-performance teams to implement successful global and domestic brand launches, revamps, and everything in between. Retail and Sport are where Sharon’s most recent experience lies, however she is known for being able to turn her hand to anything.

Sharon lives in Torquay with her family. She loves a surf and gets genuinely excited at Super Bowl time (admittedly mainly for the TVCs). Sharon will always welcome a dog video.

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