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Better PPC management means better results—immediately. Choose a PPC agency that treats your spend like it's their own and focuses on the metrics that matter.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

The shortest path to leads and sales

The moment a PPC campaign is live, you're instantly delivering targeted traffic to your site.

It’s the driving reason why more businesses are turning to PPC campaigns, and the reason it’s gotten more competitive, leaving newcomers and the unexperienced to bear the increasing cost of clicks.

By managing your PPC campaign properly, you can beat the competition and continue to win new business without wasting spend.

Instant traffic with full control

With Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising you can be in front of customers as quickly as we can build the campaign. Have your ads at the top of Google, or showing in news feeds as soon as we click publish.

Once we know what works, from there it’s like a tap – adjust the flow of traffic based on your needs and goals. Make the absolute most of your peak periods, and dial it down when your slammed with work or products are low in stock.

Transparent data for instant testing and decision making

As a PPC agency we pride ourselves on reporting on what matters – leads and sales. And with PPC you can know exactly what you’re spending for each lead or sale. You can then continually improve that number with the data it provides.

Advertising through different platforms gives you access to information you would normally never get. With Google AdWords you get keyword level data on the performance of specific search terms, with Facebook you get information on best performing demographics, and remarketing shows where users are seeing your display ads and which publications get the best response.

This allows for instant feedback loops when testing, and ultimately allows you to make informed decisions based on real data.

Find your audience & cut out wasted spend

No matter who your audience is, we can guarantee they use the internet. With PPC advertising all you have to do is work out which part of the net they use the most – and find the right targeting and messaging to encourage an action.

Unlike traditional media, with PPC we can target an audience based on their details, interests, demographics or activity – wasting less spend on people that would never be interested in your product or service.


Customer Behaviour

Who is your ideal customer? What do they search for and what is the intent behind those search terms? At this stage we are setting our aim at the best targets for your product or service.



Take a good look at the current state of your PPC campaigns. We study any active or past PPC campaigns to identify any trends, both positive and negative. We then use this data to create a more effective strategy.



Taking into account your specific needs, we create a PPC campaign strategy. Close attention is paid to PPC budget, your highest value products & services and your capacity for extra business, to achieve the maximum ROI on your PPC spend.



The campaign is set and almost instantly results can be seen. The campaigns aggressiveness can be dialed to boost slow periods and eased back when you are short on stock or manpower.



PPC provides a heap of useful data, and this step is often run concurrently with Execution. As the data starts coming in the PPC campaign is adjusted in real time. What time of day are users more likely to convert, what day of the week, what keywords convert the best and much, much more.

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