Would you like a marketing partner with more skin in the game?

What if your marketing team only got paid when they delivered results? Wouldn't that be more of a partnership? Supporting your cash flow in the short-term, and giving us more reward for our work in the long-term (but only if it works).


Pay Per Performance Marketing

A true partnership, where we only win if you do

In a time where cash flow is king, it can be a real benefit to only have to pay for digital marketing when sales are coming in the door.

What could our skillset achieve for you if we were truly incentivised to dominate, and not worry about what is and isn't within scope of what we're being paid for? If we could take massive, immediate action knowing that when it works we'll be rewarded in the long-run?

Who does this suit?

This situation is not for everyone, but if you fit the below requirements, then we should definitely start a conversation at least:

  • You have a proven product/service, that customers like and will return again and again for. If this is completely new, or you’re struggling with repeat business, then there are potentially problems that good marketing can’t fix
  • You’re in an industry that is going to grow in the future, we don’t want to do this type of relationship with DVD rentals – we’re good, but not that good…
  • You’re able to move quickly, we don’t want to be held up with approvals and red tape all the time
  • You’re open to suggestions – we don’t want to do this relationship with someone too stuck in their ways and not willing to have an open discussion about different strategies.
  • Ideally you sell a high transaction value product or service, or alternatively you have a high lifetime customer value. If a new customer is worth less than $1,000 to your business, then this likely won’t work.
  • We have to believe in your product or service. We’re not going to do this for something we don’t think is providing a good service to the world

How would it work?

There are lots of different ways we can be rewarded. below are a few examples:

  • We charge you a discounted rate for our services with a bonus payment attached to a set goal
  • We charge you per lead or sale
  • We work on a revenue share deal, and we receive 10-20% of your total revenue

Who pays for the advertising?

In a revenue share deal, we’re the ones using our own company card to pay for all advertising costs throughout the month. Then, on the 1st of the next month, we will invoice based on revenue generated.

Think of us as your in-house marketing team, managing your entire marketing budget, what channels it goes towards, what strategies are used and how much is spent. Except, instead of paying a team of wages, you only pay a % of revenue AFTER the revenue is generated.

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Audit and discovery

Let's assess where you're at, what has been working and what hasn't, make sure you've got the right tracking setup, and figure out a quick win to get the ball rolling on.


Partner validation

You don't want to jump straight into bed do you? Let's work together on a small project to make sure we like each other ;) Something we think will provide some early wins to build some trust and provide important data.


Reward system

How are we going to be rewarded? Let's make it as black and white as possible, and keep it simple.


Massive action

The rules of the game are set, we have clear access to the scoreboard, now it's tip off! This is where we take over advertising spend. Let massive and immediate action ensue.

We should talk...

What kind of impact could we have on your business?

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