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You can avoid losing potential leads or sales, save time spent on recurring tasks, and increase your customer experience with effective marketing automation.

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Marketing Automation

The key to consistency

Automation is not a passing ‘trend’—it’s the way smart, modern businesses now operate in our always on, 24/7 world.

Benefits to both consumer and yourself are plenty, with major time-saving and cost-reducing advantages for your business, and a better customer experience for your prospects.

By automating parts of your marketing, you’ll be able to keep a steady flow of prospects in your sales pipeline—helping avoid the dreaded ‘rollercoaster’ effect of boom and bust sales cycles that too many businesses suffer from.

Your 24/7 A.I. Salesperson

Automated marketing seamlessly helps move your prospects from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’ without any additional effort from you or your staff.

Leads come into the funnel cold, and through automated touch points based on their actions, are educated on your business and are warmed up ready to take action.

This works like your very own A.I. salesperson, this is the opposite to email spam or general newsletters where everyone gets the same message, this is information tailored to the individual based on the actions they’re taking. Technology is a wonderful thing…

Lead Scoring – Discover Which Leads Are Ready to Buy

As your prospects are being nurtured through your automation, specific actions they take will be calculated by your marketing automation system and entered into a ‘lead scoring’ system. High scoring activities, such as making an enquiry, are distinguished from lower scoring activities, such as opening an email.

These scores provide you with an idea of how engaged the potential customer is and allows you to take specific actions with the ‘hot’ leads – like emailing them an offer or calling them to close the sale.

Nurture – The Right Message at The Right Time

Based on what a prospect does with the automated messages sent to them, and what actions they take on your website – your marketing automation system will send them through a custom user journey, to ensure they receive messages relevant to their interests and frame of mind.

These user journeys are incredibly smart, allowing you to keep leads interested and send the right message at the right time, whether you’re busy at work or getting 40 winks.


Customer Behaviour

How do your customers feel? Are they ready to buy or just doing some research? In this step we pinpoint who the customer is and how to warm up your cold leads.



Are you doing any automation at the moment? Or simply newsletters that go to everyone? How do you salespeople currently sell, what information do users need to make a decision, and when do they need that info?



Here we lay the framework for the automation/s. We carefully and strategically decide how and when emails are triggered. And create the user journey that users will experience based on their actions. How will we deliver the right message at the right time, while cutting down your costs of handling the same tasks manually?



Let's set up the automation, and monitor how users are flowing through it. First, we set up the triggers and emails, design the templates and write the content for each email based on all of the research we have done.



By now quite a few leads have made their way through the funnel. How did they come out the other side? Excited and ready to buy or cold and indifferent? Using the success of the current campaign we sharpen future correspondence, multiplying what has worked and editing out what hasn't.

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