Strategy beats tactics everyday...

Why do small business want to jump straight into tactics everytime? Wasting thousands before they realise marketing via paid traffic in that way won't work. What works for word-of-mouth referrals does not work via paid traffic! Your positioning and offer need to improve if you want to scale profitably in a world of ever-increasing click costs.


Market Research

80% of a GREAT ROI is the strategy behind what you’re promoting, not the execution.

Many people work with multiple agencies and continue to lose money online before realising this.

You have to ask yourself why do large corporations spend thousands on market research before they enter a market but small businesses seem to ignore that and dive straight to chasing leads and sales. Spending money on trial and error, essentially gambling with marketing spend.

Why is market research usually reserved for the big end of town? How many times will small businesses waste money on advertising before realising they too can do a small level of market research to avoid failures and to improve the chances of getting a great ROI from paid advertising.

“My last agency ripped me off”

Yes, there are lots of agencies that shouldn’t be operating and are learning with other people’s money. Some are definitely ripping people off. But, the vast majority of the time in our opinion their main fault was that they didn’t realise what they were promoting for a business wouldn’t work. They jumped into tactics because the client wanted them to and was paying them to. Without the right strategy.

That’s why the most common feedback we get from new clients is along the lines of what Darren from Strat Prop has to say:

“I’ve spent thousands on digital marketing and never got a lead.
Someone has just turned the tap on, it’s crazy!”

I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s not because we’re so much better at platform specifics like which interest targeting to use in Facebook, or how to structure an account. It’s because we help the client come up with something more appealing to the market they’re targeting.

How many digital agencies will let you down before you stop blaming their output and start questioning whether the market knowledge you provided was enough?

It’s an all too common journey phrase “my last agency ripped me off”.

Spending money on marketing without fully realising exactly what the audience they’re targeting are going through, the other buying options they have, how they view them compared to you, and what they’re thinking during the process is such a waste of time and money and this is where 99% of small businesses go wrong.

“Marketing doesn’t work”

Many see similar businesses making money online but can’t seem to generate a profit for themselves.

99% of the time it’s because of ‘what’ you were promoting, not ‘how’ it was being promoted.

The what of:

  • Who exactly you were targeting (audience)
  • How they view you compared to the other options they have (your positioning)
  • The details of what you were promoting (your offering)

The right insight will completely change a campaign!

We use market research to provide businesses with the answers they need to scale. If a campaign is not working, it’s because there is something we don’t know about the audience, what they’re thinking, what they’re wanting and the options they think they have.

Being a pay-per-performance digital agency it’s vital that we understand the scaling potential for any business we work with. We can’t afford to make mistakes when we only make money when our clients do, so we a lot of market research on the positioning and offering of a business we’re going to work with to ensure neither party loses money.

We’re HUGE believers in positioning and offering here, and it’s the only reason we’re confident to spend tens of thousands of our own money in revenue share agreements every month with clients, sometimes on things that are ‘just an idea’ – because we back in our ability to work with a client and use their industry knowledge, combined with our marketing and psychology knowledge – to know what will work in marketing, and what won’t.

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Who is the exact target customer of this niche that we will be the best option for?
Why are they wanting a better solution?
Is this audience growing?



Your customers have options, lots of options usually. How are you viewed as one of those options?
The goal with strategy and positioning work is to find a 'category class' that you can lead. We don't have to lead the entire market, but we do have to be the best option for a segment of the market.



Let's craft an offering that is a complete no-brainer for the customer. Creating a frictionless buying decision.
What deliverables are promised? What is the price and payment terms? What is the guarantee to reverse the risk of the customer? Why are they incentivised to decide now and not leave for later?



The fastest way to scale is via paid traffic. It’s vital to identify a pathway to profitability ie. be sure that when you spend $1 there is a way you can get $5 or more in return.

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