The agency model is broke, incentivisation is the answer


Our incentivised campaigns are a great way to both protect yourself from bad results and not be left holding the baby if a campaign doesn't deliver. At the same time incentivising us to go above and beyond 'good', and continue to reward us for dominating a campaign.


Incentivised monthly campaigns

Keep your agency accountable

Not everyone has the ability or desire to use us as their holistic marketing partner or enter a joint venture sharing revenue. The incentivized programs are for those who want to use us more like a traditional digital marketing agency and have campaigns per channel. The key difference, what you end up paying us is directly tied to the performance of the account in relation to the KPI’s set.

Why incentivise your agency?

Most agencies really want to see you succeed, their talent and ethics are not in question – but the harsh reality is that the only way for them to have better profits when charging a flat monthly fee is to manage more clients or charge more.

What this results in most of the time is one of 2 scenarios:.

  1.  You’re being charged a fee that is not justified, they are not delivering the results that justify the fee. They had some good case studies but you are not one of them, yet you’re paying the high price as if you were getting those results, being told ‘it takes time’.
  2. Your campaign reaches a point where results are ‘good enough’, and you as the client are happy not to cancel. Beyond that, there is little further reward for them to go above and beyond, they would be better off getting another client to the same level to grow their profits.

However, when you incentivise your agency, you’re doing 2 things:

  1. You’re keeping them accountable, if the campaign doesn’t work you don’t pay them
  2. You’re incentivising them to keep going and to dominate

How does it work?

An incentivised monthly is somewhat similar to a ‘standard’ agency relationship (although we don’t like using those words around here, we’re not fans of the standard agency), except it has a few core differences.

This relationship is based on your core KPI that we have access to view results for. This could be leads or sales or a different conversion metric that we can track and have clear visibility on.

We then set some expectations for what we think we could achieve on your campaign based on our years of experience doing this for many people. Together we set some goals and our relationship will then have 3 situations for what you’re paying us:.

  • Result is not acceptable: We don’t charge you a management fee
  • Result is as per expectations: We charge our standard management fee (the majority of channels start at $1,500 per month for an advanced campaign)
  • Result is above goals set: We charge our management fee plus a performance bonus based on our agreed incentivisation scheme

This is different for everyone, so it’s best you start a conversation to see how this could work for you. It will depend on your business situation and goals.

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