Wanna make a bet the campaign will work like we say it will?


Our incentivised campaigns are aimed at making sure you become cash-flow positive before we do.


Incentivised monthly campaigns

Pay-per-performance marketing

To reduce your risk and help with cash flow, we’re happy to put our skin in the game by reducing our management fees in return for an incentive payment once the campaign is cash-flow positive.

Why incentivise your agency?

Most agencies really want to see you succeed, it’s not their talent and ethics that are in question – but the harsh reality is that the only way for them to have better profits when charging a flat monthly fee is to manage more clients or charge more money.

If you’ve ever worked with a standard agency before, you’d know this generally results in two outcomes:

You’re either being charged an unfair fee to begin with because, at the start of the campaign, they are not delivering the results that justify the fee. They had some good case studies but you are not one of them, yet you’re paying the high price as if you were getting those results, being told ‘it takes time’.

Your campaign reaches a point where results are ‘good enough,’ and you, as the client, are happy not to cancel. This is often when the performance improvements stagnate. Financially, there is no further reward for your agency to deliver more or go “above and beyond.” 

However, when you incentivise your agency, you’re doing two things:

  1. You’re keeping them accountable, if the campaign doesn’t work like they said it would, you don’t pay them the full fee.
  2. You’re incentivising them to keep going and dominate

How does it work?

We offer a 50% discount on our ongoing fees in return for a 50% increase on our ongoing fees once the campaign delivers what we say it will.

This way we’re not making any profit until you are.

You will end up paying us more, but only once the campaign is delivering the ROI you desire and you can afford it.

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