Fractional Sales Manager


A Fractional Sales manager can help your sales team perform better and take the load off you as the owner when you don't have enough salespeople or enough budget to justify a full-time sales manager.


Fractional Sales Manager

Sales training, process improvement, and accountability for your sales team

Our fractional sales manager will help to improve your sales process, and train your staff, resulting in better sales results. We do this via helping with things like script improvements, creating a company approved objection handling database, creating better sales assets, managing sales automation and much more.

More sales, less churn, less headache…

A good sales manager who has the time and the experience to work on streamlining and improving the sales processes, and training the team on implementing those processes more consistently can have a drastic impact on your sales.

But not just your sales or your conversion rates from the leads you get, it can also impact things like churn and only selling the right customers, improving the time efficiency of your sales staff and developing better assets for them to use, better compliance with CRM’s leading to better data and analytics, and much more.

A good fractional sales manager will take the load off the business owner, helping with things like:

  • Sales coaching and process improvement (scripts, call flow, roles)
  • Objection handling database and closing solutions
  • Sales management to ensure implementation of processes and scripts
  • Pipeline management and sales automation.
  • Fortnightly call reviews and training with the team.
  • Over time, the creation of a sales playbook for the company is made and refined

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