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Content Marketing

Building authority, trust & loyalty in a niche

Using a content marketing agency to help with your content strategy and content production can help position your brand as an authority in your niche, delivering value to potential & existing customers at all stages of the buying cycle so we can increase trust, build authority and improve loyalty.

Creating content is the first step and, while important, it's only half of an overall content marketing campaign. Equally as important is that your content is promoted properly, otherwise your efforts are wasted, effectively falling on ‘deaf ears’.

Other content marketing companies may agree to produce content for you, but it’s for this reason that we dedicate as much time promoting your content as we do writing it.

Create. Promote. Profit.

Too often a content marketing campaign falls short of its true potential, largely in thanks to a lack of promotion. Businesses write post after post, without ever gaining any real traction or exposure from their articles, so they give up… there are too many other things to work on.

We don’t just create quality content and move on… we promote it heavily too, building key relationships with influencers to build an audience.

This increases your business’ credibility and influence, plus delivering essential SEO benefits. This is why your content marketing strategy should focus just as much on who you’re going to promote to, as well as who you’re writing for.


Be the Expert and Watch Your Leads Roll In

As a content marketing agency we constantly harp on about ‘delivering value’ – there is enough low effort, low value content on the web – you don’t need to add any more. Constantly delivering real value to your target audience positions your brand as an authority. This adds both credibility and trust to your business, making you the first choice when they need your product or service.

Drive Free Traffic from Search Engines

Alongside the obvious benefits to credibility and trust that content marketing brings to your business are the organic SEO benefits, driving free traffic from search engines such as Google or Bing.

This is an unlimited and ongoing source of free visitors for you, who are likely facing a problem you can help solve. Make sure your content marketing plan includes content that can solve people’s queries and bring organic traffic to your site.


Customer behaviour:

Who is your demographic? What do they like? Where and how are they currently spending their time online?



Take an in-depth look at where you are in your content offerings. Single out what is working as well as opportunities for improvement.



This is where we map out not only the goals of the campaign but how we intend to achieve them. What content is going to be the ‘hero’ and what is going to be the supporting elements? When and how should the content be published to achieve maximum impact?



Time to put that plan into action. Content is made, revised, critiqued, and revised again before being deployed.



Using a range of metrics we grade the success of the content. From the number of page views, comments, shares, and community engagement we are able to see where efforts have successfully resonated then identify new opportunities.

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