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How does this work?

Before you apply, watch the video below to learn a little more about our revenue share offering.

Who are we looking for?

Before you apply, it’s very important you understand the clients we’re looking for in this type of relationship. We can only take on a limited number of clients total, and can only onboard 1 per month because of the time required during initial strategy and set up – so we’re quite picky about who we take on. When talking to us about revenue share, you can think of us less like a digital agency, and more like an investor that will also bring a marketing skillset to the table.

We have 3 main criteria when deciding whether we’ll take someone on as a revenue share client. If you don’t fit the criteria below currently, it doesn’t mean we can’t work together… Pay Per Performance can mean many things, and clients still work with us on a monthly campaign where our management fee is incentivised based on performance, click here to enquire about an incentivised monthly campaign.

However, for us to invest a lot of time and money into your business, the 3 criteria below will be key to moving forward with a revenue share campaign:

1/ Desire and ability to scale drastically

These campaigns are a lot of work for us, there’s no point in us investing time and money into a campaign only for it to work, but be limited by what the business can (or wants to) handle. You have to have aggressive growth plans, and be able to keep up with demand while keeping your quality of product/service very high.

We’ve chosen this model because our talent-based business is typically a headache to scale, clients get let down when you try and scale a talent-based business like ours with too many clients and too many staff. So, in order to have fewer clients and remain a small team of 10 extremely experienced digital marketing veterans without inflicting a revenue ceiling upon ourselves by charging standard monthly management fees, we need a way to be rewarded based on the success of the campaign to give us an opportunity to get far more from each campaign.

Therefore, your business has to be more scalable than ours.

2/ #1 in a growing market

First of all, you have to be in a niche that we view as growing in the future, we don’t want to be doing this relationship with DVD rentals, we’re good, but not that good…

If you’re not currently the #1 option for a segment of customers within the main market, then you have to be open-minded enough to work with us to realise what that could be and be willing to position the business to focus on this.

Some business owners are scared of niching down, but if you want to be everything for everyone and blend into a market that already has a clear leader – this is not for you. But if you’re willing to identify a niche that is not having their needs satisfied enough currently, and we can lead that market – then we can do great things together and be far more profitable.

If you’re not currently a clear #1 choice for a certain audience, but you agree with the concept and want to stop blending into the marketplace, then we can help you pivot your business and refine your positioning and offering via our prep-to-scale campaign before we move into revenue share.

3/ Your products or services

There are 3 things that make a product or service exciting for us to advertise:

a) The quality of the product or service and proof that there are happy customers. We also like when the product is doing good for the world or disrupting an industry that needs it (like digital marketing needs it).

b) It has a high transaction value, typically the maths on these campaigns work better if the lifetime value of each customer is over $1,000. Or, if it’s a lower transaction value it needs to have a very quick sales cycle. At the end of the day, the % we ask for is based on the ROAS we expect to achieve, so although high transaction values are usually preferred, there are some exceptions to the rule.

c) The sales cycle length, from the moment someone first sees an ad, to the moment you get cash in your bank. The shorter the better.

You don’t have to tick all the above boxes right now, but you have to agree with the strategies – and through working with us we can help you achieve each outcome.

The 4th and potentially most important aspect we look for is how well we think we will work together. These are a very close-knit relationship and involves a huge amount of trust. We want partners that we love working with.

We also want you to be able to move quickly, we don’t want to be held up with approvals and red tape all the time. You also need to be open to suggestions – we don’t want to do this relationship with someone too stuck in their ways and not willing to have an open discussion about different strategies.

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