Junior Digital Marketing Assistant

An exciting opportunity for the right candidate:

  • For a marketing grad or someone just wetting their feet in the digital marketing industry, this will be a full-time role that will give you the absolute best start possible in your digital marketing career, crafting you into the digital marketing assassin you were born to be!
  • For a more experienced applicant, this could be your ideal part-time role that is super flexible. You know you’re awesome, we know you’re awesome, work from home when you want, go to the gym during the day, whatever you like – you’re killing it for our clients so the rest is all good…

About you:

  • You love learning, in fact potentially a little too obsessed with consuming knowledge
  • You love creating things, inventing, innovating and thinking big
  • You love visual persuasion – images, videos, aesthetics and the meaning behind them
  • You enjoy the psychology behind why people make decisions
  • When you see an irresistable offer/guarantee in the world, you stop and appreciate the person who came up with that
  • You’re going to be a digital marketing superstar, you may not know exactly what you’ll specialise in yet – but you’re eager to get thrown in the deep end and work on a range of tasks, until you figure out where your natural gifts are best put to use, and what you enjoy the most.
  • You want to have an impact, rather than being a small cog in a big wheel
  • When given a task or project, you see it to fruition, and do it well – as opposed to quickly chasing the next idea

About us:

  • Boutique (AKA small) agency, focused on the tangible impact our work can have on clients lives when done well, rather than digital marketing fluff
  • Focused on the efficiency of what we do. Not every action/strategy has the same impact towards the end goal. There are lots of things that would be ‘nice’ to do, but what is going to have the biggest impact on the end goal for a client with limited budgets?
  • Flexibility is an important aspect to happiness – where you work, when you work, how you work are all less important than the end result of the work.
  • We work with a range of charities and health clinics mostly, but also a range of other businesses
  • Good people 🙂

Application process:

Stage 1:

Send me an email with the below:

  • 2-3 brands you think are nailing the visual content they’re producing that’s persuading their ideal audience
  • 1 or more offers/guarantees/unique selling points you’ve seen in the marketplace that you think are irresistable
  • Any side hustles you’ve previously done or thought would be a great idea
  • Explain a project you’ve seen to fruition you’re proud of. You got the brief, or maybe you came up with the idea yourself – but most importantly you saw it all the way through to completion. Were there any obstacles that popped up during the course of it? How did you overcome them? Maybe it’s something from your current job, or maybe something to do with uni.

The above is somewhat purposefully vague, email me if you have specific questions.

Send this to marc@multiplydigital.com.au with the exact subject line ‘Application for Digital marketing assistant role’

Stage 2:

This will be a quick phone chat and a quick online assessment.

Stage 3:

Let’s catch up face to face!

Badabing badaboom you’re a part of the team.