Application complete:

Thanks for your application!

We’ll review your submission and call you within 48 hours for a quick chat or invite you to book time in our calendar.

Next Steps:

1/ Invitation for strategy call
We’ll review your submission and invite you to book time in our calendar to find out more. Please don’t take it the wrong way if we don’t get back to you, we get a lot of submissions for this program and can’t talk to everyone.

2/ Strategy consult
Once a time is booked in for a strategy session, we may ask a few more questions to help us prep for this call and make the most of our time together. We’ll talk through:

  • Your ideal audience
  • Your offering and how you fit into your marketplace
  • Your growth plans
  • Any current or past marketing activity you’ve done
  • Potential costs and how we think the relationship might work

3/ Investigation

If we both think the partnership is worth exploring further, there will usually be some items we need to audit, like previous campaign data and sales data to help us get a picture of what we would do to improve things.