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How does this work?

An incentivised monthly is somewhat similar to a ‘standard’ agency relationship (although we don’t like using those words around here, we’re not fans of the standard agency), except it has a few core differences.

This relationship is based on your core KPI that we have access to view results for. This could be leads or sales or a different conversion metric that we can track and have clear visibility on.

We then set some expectations for what we think we could achieve on your campaign based on our years of experience doing this for many people. Together we set some goals and our relationship will then have 3 situations for what you’re paying us:

  • Result is not acceptable: We don’t charge you a management fee

  • Result is as per expectations: We charge our standard management fee (the majority of channels start at $1,500 per month for an advanced campaign)

  • Result is above goals set: We charge our management fee plus a performance bonus based on our agreed incentivisation scheme

Who are we looking for?

Before you apply, it’s very important you understand the clients we’re looking for in this type of relationship. We can only take on a limited number of clients total, and can only onboard 1-2 clients per month on this arrangement because of the time required during initial strategy and set up – so we’re quite picky about who we take on.

We’re more than confident in our ability to run ads well, but so much of the success of a campaign can come down to how well the business is positioned and how good the offer is that we get to promote. You’ll likely hear us ask a lot about your audience and your offering during your application process.

The below criteria will be taken into consideration before we pitch you a campaign:

  1.  Available data: If you’ve been running campaigns previously that we can audit this is a plus, if you’ve been spending over 2k a month with 6 months plus of data we can almost always find ways to drastically improve what you’re currently doing
  2. Experience in your industry: Sometimes in new industries, we don’t know what we don’t know, but we have a team of 10 all with over 10 years of experience in agency land, so there are few industries we haven’t been exposed to
  3. Your offering: We prefer working with people who have a great offering that we can promote, that we know the market will be interested in. When we’re promoting something that blends into the marketplace, results are never going to light the world on fire. In this scenario, we may suggest some strategy work on your positioning and offering first to help you refine your differentiation.


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