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  • FAQ’S
    What is the difference between revenue share and incentivised campaigns?

    In a revenue share agreement, we are looking after your overall strategy and every digital channel. We also fund the campaigns most of the time. In an incentivised campaign, we may only look after one channel. We are also not funding the campaign in an incentivised campaign, the client will pay for the clicks and it's our management fee that scales up or down depending on performance.

    What % do you ask for in a revenue share?

    This is the big one, and the answer is we don’t ‘ask’ for a %, we definitely help guide you what would make sense and why, but this is a business decision based on your growth plans and margins, and as long as you’re aware how the % will impact our behaviour, then together we can work something out that works for both parties and the stage of growth you’re in. It’s also something that can change as our relationship evolves over time.

    Is it total % or a % of only what you send us?

    Both are possible depending on the situation, but 99% of the time it's total %. We can exclude things that make sense. We’re not trying to claim revenue that clearly isn’t from us, but it’s impossible to track what is ‘only’ from us, marketing attribution isn’t that accurate, it’s not black and white and often customers have many touch points before converting. But if we’re handling every channel for you, then anything coming via the website is assumed to be from us unless clearly evident otherwise. It's best to explain your situation to us to get a better answer to this.

    Are there any upfront costs?

    There are no upfront costs for the digital marketing component, however, to qualify for a pay-per-performance campaign additional costs may be required to be spent on areas critical to delivering an ROI;

    • CRM or Lead Management system set-up if there is not one

    • Effective e-commerce tracking if tracking isn't accurate

    • Changes to a website or creating a landing page if the unique selling points of your offer are not clearly explained on your website

    • Plus, 99% of customers start with a market research campaign to help refine our positioning and offering and set the campaign up for success

    Incentivised campaigns

    The main thing we're looking for in an incentivised campaign, is just whether we're confident we can achieve a great result. Whatever KPI's we end up agreeing to, we will lose money if the campaign doesn't perform. We have a team all with over 10 years in agency land, so we have experience in many industries and client types. We're looking for a good product/market fit and people providing a great quality product or service. Previous data is also important.

    Revenue Share campaigns

    This is not restricted to any particular stage of business, it’s more about the idea than the stage you’re at right now - but if you’re a startup or early-stage business, let’s say sub 500k per year, then we’re going to be looking for partners who have the capability and are open to the concept of doing something drastically different, people who want to change an industry. We have invested in pre-revenue companies before, but only if the concept is truly something great. It’s for a high-growth business, not a lifestyle business. If you love this concept but aren’t too sure what the big idea could be, our market research campaign may be able to help.

    If you’re 500k to 1m in annual revenue, and you’re wanting to double or triple that, then you may have existing happy customers and a sound model, but you’re hitting a wall for what you can reach on your own and you’re keen to go to the next level by letting a team take over and let you focus on operations and on the quality of the product.

    If you’re already well over 1m we can put something in place to protect the revenue you’ve got to so far without our help.

    Who we don’t do this with:

    - We tend to avoid companies we don’t believe are providing a good to the world, examples might include things like gambling, short-term loans, fast fashion and anything negatively impacting the environment

    - Other industries we’re not very confident in unless you really have a truly unique offering include industries like carpet cleaning, mortgage brokers and other hyper-competitive and low-value services

    - We also avoid companies with a lot of red-tape that can’t move quickly enough to keep up

    - And this doesn’t work for low-value services or products with very low margins. Services with customers that are worth more than 10k, and products with gross margins higher than 50% are ideal


    The strategy component of what we do before we start writing any ads, is the secret to our success. It's the reason the most common feedback we receive is about how it hadn't worked previously, but with us the 'tap is turned on' so to speak. The only reason this occurs is because we help people come up with something worth promoting, it's the strategy that sets everything up for success. This is why the market research campaign is something 99% of people do before starting a campaign. Click here to learn more about it


    Once you submit the form below, the team will review the submission. We'll then invite you to our calendar to set up a time to talk further. We'll audit any campaigns you have that we can look at, and get the team that would be looking after the account to provide their thoughts. Once a basic agreement is in place verbally, the team responsible for the result is required to provide signoff before any agreements are in place.

    Our internal approval process is stringent so that we're all confident we can deliver on what we're saying we can. Yes, this means the time to get an agreement in place can take slightly longer, but we're about to be accountable for how well thing go, so this is important. We think more agency sales team should operate this way.

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