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  • FAQ’S
    What type of campaigns and channels can you run?

    We are a holistic agency for our clients, and can help with a range of digital strategies including Social ads, Google Ads, SEO and Outbound lead gen. We can also help with all your creative needs required for high-performing campaigns including landing pages, development, video editing and more. Seperate to our monthly ad campaigns we have an ad-hoc service for all of your out of scope needs on-demand.

    What about once you've got me the lead, is the rest on me?

    Not at all! Once we've commited to you, we have committed to growing your business, not just getting you good leads. We can also help audit your sales processes via our 'secret shopper' service, we can help plan and build sales assets and tools that will help you be more efficient, simplify confusing processes, and speed up your sales cycle. We can also help advise on hiring, funding, acquisitions and more based on clients and preferred partners in our network.

    What is the difference between revenue share and incentivised campaigns?

    In a revenue share agreement, we are looking after your overall strategy and every digital channel, we are also funding your ad spend. In an incentivised campaign, we may only look after one channel, the client funds ad spend, and our incentivisation is based on how profitable that is. In both campaigns what you end up paying us is tied to performance of the campaigns.

    What % do you ask for in a revenue share?

    This is the big one, and the answer is we don’t ‘ask’ for a %, we definitely help guide you what would make sense and why, but this is a business decision based on your growth plans and margins, together we can work something out that works for both parties and the stage of growth you’re in. It’s also something that can change as our relationship evolves over time. With that said, most high-value service-based clients are on 20-30% revenue share if we are funding campaigns.

    Ideal partners

    If moving into an incentivised or revenue share campaign, it's very much a partnership, and we like partners who:

    -You’re in an industry that is going to grow in the future, we don’t want to do this type of relationship with DVD rentals – we’re good, but not that good…

    -You’re able to move quickly, we don’t want to be held up with red tape

    -You’re open to suggestions

    Who we don't work with

    - We tend to avoid companies we don’t believe are providing a good to the world, examples might include things like gambling, short-term loans, fast fashion and anything negatively impacting the environment

    - Other industries we’re not very confident in unless you really have a truly unique offering include industries like carpet cleaning, mortgage brokers and other hyper-competitive and low-value services

    - Coaches and consultants who have not had any real success in their field

    - For services, if you're not charging more than 3k upfront, and more than 10k in the first 12 months of your customer being with you, it's likely we will have some input to your offering and pricing before starting a campaign.


    The strategy component of what we do before we start writing any ads, is the secret to our success. It's the reason the most common feedback we receive is about how it hadn't worked previously, but with us the 'tap is turned on' so to speak. The only reason this occurs is because we help people come up with something worth promoting, it's the strategy that sets everything up for success. This is why interviewing customers and developing a 'customer-driven marketing strategy' to find your unique positioning and messaging is something 99% of people do before starting a campaign. Click here to learn more about it

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