Digital Marketing Coordinator/Assistant

The shortest path to a high-paying career in digital marketing, is one where you can learn as much as possible about the strategy behind what makes marketing work effectively.

And right here at Multiply Digital is one of the best places to learn.

About you

  • You’re driven to learn and get better
  • You don’t get flustered in uncertain environments, or when doing things you’ve never done before. You have the confidence to ask for help when you need it, and to learn on your own to solve things yourself when you don’t need it.
  • You want to learn how to run Facebook ads, Google Ads, SEO, Copywriting and everything required to build a high performing marketing machine
  • You’re organised, nothing tends to slip through the cracks with you
  • You’re process driven, as you complete one thing, in the back of your mind is always ‘is there a better way to do this so that it’s more effective next time?’
  • You see yourself eventually being in a project manager type role, managing other parties with specialist skillsets so that the team can get the job done well.

In addition to your skill set, if you’d give yourself a tick for most of the characteristics below, it’s likely you’ll fit in great with the rest of the team.

  • Self-confident and intelligent
  • You’ve got commercial ‘smarts’
  • A doer – with vast resources of energy
  • Quietly assertive
  • Sociable… but you get on with the job too
  • You love the disciplines of process and structure
  • Glass-half-full – but not blindly optimistic
  • A confident decision-maker
  • Comfortable with being held accountable
  • You love taking the initiative
  • You have a balanced view of the world, calling on facts while also using your intuition

About us

We’re a performance digital marketing agency, we work with clients in incentivised relationships and joint ventures when the product or service is exciting enough for us. This means that when a campaign is performing well, we’re being paid very well. However, if it’s not performing well – then the opposite is true.

So we’re driven to perform, and when we do perform, by default we share the spoils with the team on the projects with our unique commission setup.

The management:

Failure is a necessary part of learning, the only important thing is that we fail quickly rather than delaying things out of a fear of failure or out of a desire to be perfect. As management, we carry extreme ownership, if something is not working it’s because we have not set the team up for success to allow it to work better.

Our role is to remove obstacles and provide advice, but allow you to create your own way of working that works for you.

The culture we want to build is one of purpose, enjoyment of work and the clients we CHOOSE to work for. A place where feedback and honesty are required to learn and grow quicker.

No fluff, no pretenders, no politics. Just good people, good at what they do, and they like doing it.

Philosophies and personalities we agree with and follow: 80/20 and Perry Marshall, Simon Sinek, Jocko Willink, The One Thing/4dx/7 habits, E-Myth, Tony Robbins.

About the role

Want to know what you’ll be doing day-to-day?

In very simple terms you’ll be the assistant to the director and to other account managers.

Our account managers are called the ‘Fractional Head of Marketing’ for our clients and are responsible for a client’s branding, positioning, offering, and marketing funnels that drive customer acquisition.

They will be deciding what needs to happen on an account to improve results, and you will help them make it happen.

This will involve:

  • Briefing tasks to specialists in the team, and making sure they have all they need to get the job done
  • Making changes in Facebook and Google Ads accounts
  • Checking results and managing reporting dashboards
  • Tweaks and updates to clients websites
  • Documenting procedures and helping to keep SOP’s up to date

Training for all of this is provided, including internal training as well as external training sources from industry gurus.

We also highly encourage video calls as if you were in the office leaning over to ask a question, often a quick screen share is all you need to overcome the obstacle and continue with your task.

Why would you?

  • Work from home: Flexibility is an important aspect of happiness – where you work, when you work, how you work are all less important than the end result of the work.
  • 4 or 5 days available
  • Side hustles allowed and encouraged, in fact, why not pitch the director and get some funding for it to get the teams help?
  • An incredible opportunity to learn


After spending some time supporting our director and learning how we like to run the strategy for client accounts, there is a clear pathway to a highly paid gig as one of our account managers and managing your own portfolio.

Alternatively, after being able to touch and have experience with many different channels and skills, you may find your calling in becoming a specialist (G ads, FB ads, copywriting, design, SEO etc).

After 3 years here, employees are eligible for the company profit share program. There is also an ability to earn equity in the company for key employees.

Application process:

Please email and answer the questions below (no CV needed):

  1. What are you doing currently, and why do you want to move to this role
  2. If you do have experience in any digital marketing campaigns please share some details of what you’ve done, on who, and how it went
  3. Tell me a little about what you do outside of work, on weekends/in spare time, and where your passions lie

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