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What is Pay Per Performance Marketing?

Pay Per Performance can mean many things, although the core concept with all of our campaigns is that what you end up paying us, will be tied to how well the campaign is going.

We don’t believe in charging for our services if we sell you something that doesn’t deliver on the expectations we set. We’re also not really interested in ‘standard’ monthly fees, we need a way to make campaigns that are successful worth a lot more to us for our model to work.

We have 2 core service offerings available, one is a revenue share option that involves being very close partners, more like a joint venture. The other is similar to a standard agency relationship however our monthly fee is based on our performance. They suit different businesses and situations and you can learn more about them below.

Revenue Share Campaigns

Our revenue share campaigns are perfect for someone in ‘take-off’ mode, someone shooting for the stars who have a brilliant offering and wants a digital marketing partner by their side as they grow. These are long-term campaigns and involve us paying for your marketing in return for a % of revenue.

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Incentivised Monthly Campaigns

Our incentivised monthly campaigns are perfect for the business that wants the help of an agency for 1 or 2 channels, wants their agency to be accountable for their impact and is willing to incentivise them when they do well. Not everyone is suitable for or interested in sharing revenue, this is our more standard option for those businesses.

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